VueJS and Vue CLI 3 plugins to Boost Up the Performance of Your Application

Posted on: 12 Dec, 2022

So, you are developing your next application with Vue.js, and you want to ensure that it performs well. It’s a good thing. Optimization of performance is a key indicator for any programming language. Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building interactive user interfaces, and it’s an excellent choice for developing amazing web applications. If you are already working Vue.js, then you must be aware of its jargon terms like server-side rendering, async components, single-page apps and so on.

From crafting killer blogs to perform SEO-friendly single page applications, Vue offers plenty of essential features for good performance, and this is the reason why it is so easy to start with. As we come across more and more frameworks like Vue, Dev Velocity becomes a significant aspect of our work. There is no denying that Vue.js has already surpassed React in Github stars and hold the first rank amongst most popular JavaScript frameworks. Vue.js is the 5th most starred project on the GitHub.

Why is VueJS Getting more Traction?

Vue.js is a great framework, and it has a similarity of Laravel. Vue has everything to make the development smooth and easy. The gentle learning curve is the most significant reason behind its wider adaptability. Vue is lightweight, flexible and surrounded by efficient state management called Vuex and routing options. Vue.js has an incredible plugin to resolve critical issues enabling quick and cost-effective product development. If you have ever leveraged Vue.JS development services then you will be knowing the importance of Vue.js as it lets you leverage the existing code without constantly writing it from scratch.

So, let’s take a closer look at the plugins to save time and speed up development and deliver faster to production.
1. Axios
Jquery ajax and guzzle are the known names to make web requests and handle responses. Vue.js has an official plugin called Vue-resource to create web requests and manage responses. Unfortunately, it was eliminated from the official, and the alternative Axios was introduced. Axios is most popular in the node.js and you can install it vua npm package.

2. Vuex
Vue.js can deal with large scale applications. The credit straight goes to Vuex. Vuex is a state management library and pattern those functions as a centralized store for all the components. Vuex is convenient to distinct process with the component as it’s easier to go with.

3. Karma-Mocha
Testing plays a significant role to ensure that your code runs smoothly. Karma tests JavaScript code in multiple real browsers. With Karma test-driven development is so easy, it’s kind of fun thing. Along with Karma, there’s mocha – feature rich browser-based JS framework to make asynchronous simple. Mocha allows flexible and accurate reporting while mapping correct test cases.

4. Vue-router
When it comes to building single page applications, Vue-router is the most favorable choice. It’s an official router for Vue that accurately integrate with its core to accomplish nesting routes and mapping components.

5. Vee-validate
When building a typical line of business applications, form validation can quickly become unmanageable if not handled with care. Vee-validate takes care of it all in a graceful manner.

6. Debugging
Debugging is a procedure to identify the bugs and resolve them with the current operation of the software. Vue has live debugging tool – Vue-devtools. However, it does not come with visualization, it is just similar to browser console. So, I personally prefer to use Dejavu – load time optimizer.

These are the general plugins to speed up your Vue project. But did you know Evan you the creator of Vue announced Vue CLI 3. Vue CLI is an NPM package, and it is extensible. Vue.js developers have already started using and creating these plugins. So, let me introduce you with 5 Vue CLI 3 plugins that you need to get familiar today itself.
(1) Electron Builder
This plugin lets you build cross-platform electron version without any additional configuration and making use of Electron builder. There is only one thing that you need to take into consideration it does not work with Vue CLI 

(2) Vuetify
Yes, it’s a well-known UI library and it has been converted into Vue CLI 3 plugin. Vuetify is material design component framework that is widely used to build material design. Vuetify is similar to Bootstrap as it aims to provide clean and reusable components to build beautiful content-rich applications.

(3) Apollo
If you want to add Apollo and GraphQL in your project, go for this plugin to ease the communication between front-end and back-end. Guillaume Chau, a core team behind the Vue, has developed this third-party plugin.

(4) Storybook
Use this plugin to quickly add storybook to your project. Storybook is a development environment for UI components that lets you browse the component library to interactively develop and test components.

(5) Component by David Desmaisons
Component by David Desmaisons is isotope filter that is helpful in sorting magical layouts. If you want your CLI plugin to be accessible by other developers, then it is required to publish on NPM. The best thing about this plugin is it automatically document the component with and vue-styleguidist.

The best thing about working with Vue CLI 3 plugins is easy to install. Vue CLI 3 is comparatively new, but these 5 plugins are sufficient to craft a beautiful application. Here is the official plugin page.

These are the most common plugins that I along with my colleague make use of. However, If you don’t find any plugin that serves your exact purpose, you craft a custom plugin to add additional capabilities such as immutable data and routing to your application.

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