Doesn’t matter in what industry you are, you are bound to make PowerPoint Presentations for one reason or another. Making a Corporate/PPT Presentation is both an art and science of getting across your message clearly and effectively.

Capnis Infotech, as a Graphic Design Company in India would make sure to blend both the art and science to deliver professional PowerPoint Presentation services for both your business and corporate needs.

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PowerPoint Presentation Design Services
The significance of PowerPoint Presentations has ventured into every sphere of marketing and communication. And it is rising seamlessly with the growing penetration of digital mediums & communications channels.
Event Presentations
We are proudly partnered with large events to enhance the presentation quality while ensuring a great experience to all concerned. As a Presentation Design Agency, our knowledge of attending hundreds of events and seminars have led us to develop the best presentation services and solutions.
Good and Better PowerPoint Designs
Majority of people know how to make a PowerPoint presentation with good design and information but we know how these good presentations can be made better. That's what our specialty is. You can provide us the basic information or rough draft of your presentation and we will make it rocking.
Redesign of PowerPoint presentations
It's good you have PowerPoint presentation but ever analyzed how it can be better? Our PPT Design Services will take care of enhancing your PowerPoint Slide Design to add that Wow! effect to your PowerPoint Presentations. Bring your old PPT presentation or ideas to us in any form and our award winning designing team shall deliver a stunning presentation that is guaranteed to impress your audience.
Interactive Touchscreen
Users are progressing in proportion to the advancement in technology. With more and more devices are penetrating our market every day, millions of users are adapting new ways of accessing their relevant information.
Training & Workshops
We are a master presentation design agency and also provide strategic trainings to the organization on subjects which empower teams to think more creatively and adapt to better presentation making practices.
Content Development for PPT
Professional writing is recommended for business presentations. Our content writers are writing for business presentations for years and they exactly know what to write, how much to write and how to impress audience with your facts & figures. You may choose to have service of PowerPoint content writing with us.


CRM software is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to gain actionable customer insights.

Benefits Of Our Corporate Presentation:

As a PowerPoint presentation design Company, we have successfully catered to all our clients representing a wide array of industry verticals over the years.
On-Time Delivery
Fake promises is not our thing. Being the best outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design company, we deliver the desired results to our clients within the covenanted time.
Streamlined Flow
A smooth and immaculate flow of words and graphics is helpful in grabbing the attention of the viewer towards the actual message.
BRUSH UP - Basic Enhancements
Consider the brush up a fine-tuning of your current slides. Your structure remains the same, and using your style guide our expert team will optimize the fonts, colors, sizes and alignment of your slides, we’ll even add some high-res icons and images from our personal library.
High Quality Content
Our proficient Powerpoint Presentation Design services employ a passionate team who copy-write engaging content that is masterfully incorporated in the presentation slides.
REDESIGN - Complete Transformation
This is the full works. Choosing the redesign is choosing to have your prospects clawing to do business with you. Your slides will be transformed by our expert graphic designers, adding diagrams, graphs and high-res visual elements designed exclusively for your presentation.
Custom Designing
Pre-designed templates is not our work culture. Each slide is designed as per your requirement and as per the need.

Our Video

CRM software is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to gain actionable customer insights with a back-end analytical engine, view business opportunities with predictive analytics, streamline operations and personalize customer service based on the customer's known history and prior interactions with your business.

Our Process

Upload your existing presentation along with any notes, figures and sketches you’d like us to bring to life in your slides.
We receive your submitted order and it joins the queue to be reviewed by our design team
We’ve uploaded the first draft of your new slides for you to review, comment and request fine-tuning to ensure you get the presentation fit for your exact needs.
Tell us the overall look you’d like for your presentation. You can send us inspirations, corporate guidelines or indicate which style to follow for maximum relevance to your needs.
Our expert graphic designers will review your order request and contact you with any clarifications required so we’re on the exact same page.
Once you’re happy with the transformation, approve it using our platform and voila, it’s ready for download and to be used as the ultimate persuasion tool
We’ll follow your style guide closely, but if our eagle-eyed team of graphic designers spot an opportunity to enhance your slides even further, we’d love to surprise you with a bonus element.
This is where we’ll transform your presentation into a deal-making machine. We’ll upload a first draft for your revision by the agreed deadline.
Mobile Web Pages
Android application for your website.
iPhone application for your website.
Windows application for your website.

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  • Top rated customer experience

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  • One point of contact - less hassle for you

  • High-Quality Content & Custom Designing

  • Deadline driven account management

  • Our impressive track record

  • Tailored research & consulting

  • Service commitment

Ketan Surve

It was truly a pleasure to work with you guys. Everyone I deal with at Capnis Infotech was very professional. Capnis Infotech team was very receptive and accommodating in making changes to meet our needs.

Ketan Surve
Director - Lets Ping
Abdur Sheriff

You and your team have done an EXCELLENT job! This site definitely is what I was looking for – cutting edge and freaking cool!!!!…AGAIN – Great job!!!! Another great site from Capnis Infotech

Abdur Sheriff
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