Livechat software to connect with real time visitors.

Get closer than ever to your customers.

Real time live chat app for website visitor tracking on your site. Online live chat enables you to monitor site traffic and analyse visitor's on site activities. Visitors navigate your site to extract relevant information. Website live chat software identify customers location in your site and initiate conversation with them based on automated triggers generated by you.

Mobile Web Pages
Android application for your website.
iPhone application for your website.
Windows application for your website.

LiveChat Features

Discover LiveChat’s strengths and learn what makes it tick.

Choose your own style:
We have included 3 different design packages with unlimited variations of colours. Business specific and custom packages are available in our shop.
Never miss a customer:
In case nobody is online a contact form can be shown which collects the same information as a live chat conversation. You won't miss a thing and you can contact the client straight from your operator panel.
Countries, most visit pages, chat time, ratings and a lot more.
No Limits:
Have as many operators, departments and chats you like, no limits!
Starr Messages:
Starr messages to easily find important information again.
Receive feedbacks and ratings from your clients after each conversation.
Business Hours:
With Capnis Chat you can add business hours, don't waste your time.
Secure, fast and clean code is mandatory for a complex software like that.
Block annoying visitors by IP and/or Email address.
Online status:
Each operator can change the status to online, busy or offline.
Add as many departments you like and associate them with your operators.
Easy Installation:
The included installation wizard will get you up and running in a couple of minutes.
Multi Language:
Multi language capable and already more than 15 languages available.
Mobile Apps:
Our free apps for iOS and Android are included, download them in the store.
Easy Installation:
The included installation wizard will get you up and running in a couple of minutes.
Smart Notifications on hands:
Automatic push, text and email reminders make sure operators always be there when a client needs their attention. We have integrated three SMS services Twilio, Plivo or Nexmo or just use the free email reminder.
works on all Devices
Capnis Chat has been optimised for all mobile devices. Just login and answer the questions from all smart mobile devices you can think off. We even have fully native apps for iOS and Android free to use and included with your license.
GEO Locations
Country and City you know where your cutomers are coming from.
Branding / Layout:
Fully template based and easy to adapt to your website design.
Capnis Chat can send you Push/Desktop notifications, Emails and/or Sms.
Add notes to each conversation you had with your client.
Operator and client side can use emoticons and they work on all devices.
Smart Search:
Search across conversations, messages, users with ease.
Chat bot:
The integrated chat bot can help your customers until you pick up the chat.
Include your own FAQ page so your operators don't have to leave the dashboard.
Auto Engage:
Our support chat can automatically or manually engage your website visitors.
You are in charge of all settings, images and sound files.
For each alert you can choose a sound or upload your own.
User Friendly:
Capnis Chat is easy to use in any way. We have made sure that client and operator can use the chat without lengthy introductions or reading manuals for hours. Close the deal or help live anytime.


CRM software is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to gain actionable customer insights.

Benefits Of Our Live Chat Application

Start chatting with your website visitors, the best way to help your customers. It’s much faster than email and way more efficient than phone. Don’t make your customers leave frustrated.

A low-barrier option:
Live chat is accessible. With chat, customers don’t have to spend time searching for contact details or email addresses. They simply land on your website and launch a session.
Increases web conversions:
Your website is your digital sales showroom. By adding chat, you equip it with a team of skilled sales agents in the same way you’d staff a physical showroom.
Reduces website errors:
One of the forgotten benefits of live chat software is its effectiveness in driving down site errors. Visitors with forgotten logins, or hitting 404 pages, can be helped immediately and effectively.
Channel discretion:
A live chat channel funnels angry social media users who demand immediate answers into a private, discreet space. You can resolve problems out of the public eye, with less damage to your reputation.
Low cost:
All studies show that live chat is a low cost alternative to the telephone as a service channel. According to BT, a live chat session is a full 20-30% cheaper than a phone call.
Rapid resolutions:
As well as this quick connectivity, chat resolves the issue at hand rapidly. On average, it only takes 42 seconds to resolve a query using live chat software – making it a highly efficient channel.
Prevents cart abandonment:
By reaching out at the right time with the right chat message, you can prevent website visitors from abandoning cart and close the deal you were about to lose.
Powers personalised service:
Because chat integrates with your CRM, it enables you to pull in the customer’s account details immediately and offer personalised, informed service from the off.
Offers a secure environment:
One of the bland but truly essential benefits of live chat software is its security. It’s PCI /PII complaint, encrypts conversations, and can even be self-hosted.
Minimises agent fatigue:
As well as being less draining than a phone call, live chat comes with canned responses. By sending pre-set answers at a click, it prevents repetitive manual keystrokes and agent frustration over FAQ.
Prevents channel disruption:
For your customers, one of the most straightforward benefits of live chat software is that they don’t have to switch channel to exchange documents. It can all be done right within the chat window.
Enriches your CRM:
Your chat software will automatically stream data to your CRM. From new leads, to customer contact details, to feedback and sentiment, you can keep your CRM informed and updated.
Your customers love it:
Of course, one of the biggest and best benefits of live chat software is that your customers love using it. At 73%, chat offers the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel.
The convenient channel:
For customers, one of the key benefits of live chat software is its convenience. They can use it with minimal disruption to their day, typing out messages whilst continuing to multi-task.
Creates choice:
Some of us hate picking up the phone. Some dislike social media; some avoid physical meetings; some hate laborious email conversation. Adding a chat option adds choices for your customers.
Allows you to harvest data:
With live chat comes reams of valuable data. The pre-chat survey yields key contact details, chat sessions are rich with information, and post-chat surveys provide you with useful feedback.
Removes language barriers:
For international businesses, one of the key benefits of live chat software is its multilingual capacity. Your messages can be translated back and forth in real-time, opening your website to the world.
Quick connections:
Rather than waiting on hold listening to awful music, or waiting an unknown stretch of time for an email response, live chat offers an instant connection to a real person.
Easy to monitor:
The benefits of live chat software are multifarious for your management team. With chat, it’s easy to monitor sessions and transcripts, conduct quality control and both support and supervise agents.
Makes your business approachable:
Another of the overlooked benefits of live chat software is its capacity to encourage engagement. It makes you more approachable, as visitors with piqued interest can contact you on a whim.
Supports your digital transformation:
In the race to digitally transform, businesses are looking to go paperless with their customer comms. When integrated with customer portals, live chat software goes a long way in supporting that goal.
Reduces call volumes:
With live chat option, you can direct customers away from the phone and free up agent availability. Agents can handle multiple chats at once, meaning you can deliver quicker service, to more people.
Inbuilt analytics:
Your chat solution will give you reports on usage, agent performance and customer satisfaction – all automatically and in real-time. You get total visibility on the metrics that matter most.
Reveals customer satisfaction:
More advanced chat solutions – like WhosOn – can analyse sessions for sentiment. Then, satisfaction scores can be calculated to reveal how happy your customers are in real-time.
Manages busy periods:
With live chat, not only can you assess peak periods and usage trends, you can also set agent chat schedules to meet demand. Your busiest times can be manned and managed with ease.

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LiveChat apps have been always created with customer service in mind. The clean and simple design of the chat apps will help you deliver the best support experience. We made sure that you won’t be distracted by unnecessary noise and clutter when chatting using our applications.

Our LiveChat Development Process

To analyze the requirement through in-depth research with the help of brilliant tools.
Now, our the development team starts developing the solution according to design.
To draft the design that is related to the research in order to check the feasibility.
In testing phase, we test every component to make sure that our solution fits the requirement.
After completing feasibility test, a final design is prepared by using smart tools.
We make delivery for the solution and assist our clients to control and administer solution.
Mobile Web Pages
Android application for your website.
iPhone application for your website.
Windows application for your website.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Capnis Our Live Chat Application:

  • We ensure high-performance execution during the entire project cycle.
  • Our developers are well trained in Live chat Web app development and specialized in terms of business sectors.
  • We conduct constant research and in a deeper understanding of the various platforms.
  • Our web app development services are cost-efficient and reliable too.
  • Our support team is available at any time to fix your issues and enhance the productivity.
  • If you have any app idea, then you can share it with us and experience the reliable service.
  • We are expert in delivering fully customized services along with the integration.
  • We provide the highest quality web app development services at affordable prices.

What should you look for in a Live Chat Application:

  • Complete Solution
  • Sign up Page
  • Administrator Console
  • Single Operator Software
  • Payment integrations
  • Stripe and Paypal
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Manage your clients
  • Manage your locations
  • Manage your payments
  • Optimised for PHP 7
  • PDO Support
  • live chat 3 features
  • Search, Notes and History
  • Standard Responses
  • Customers feedbacks
  • Engage feature
  • Send chat log email address
  • Customer can request chat log
  • Multi languages ready
  • Give your chat window a custom look
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 valid
  • Clean and fresh design, fast and secure
  • Push Notifications
  • IOS App (available soon)
  • Android App (available soon)
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