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A logo is a visual mark that gives an identity to a business and helps people to instantly recognize the specific brand. We understand that a logo is the first impression and our custom logo design services are aimed towards making a remarkable impression. The experienced and creative professional logo designers from our company craft stunning logos that perfectly reflect the objective and spirit of a business.

The first step towards creating a unique brand personality is to get a great logo designed by a talented and skilled logo designer from the industry.  we always strive to provide businesses with innovative, unique and creative business logo design at the most affordable prices.

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CRM software is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to gain actionable customer insights.

Lines, in graphic design, can be used for a wide range of purposes: stressing a word or phrase, connecting content, creating patterns and more.
Texture relates to the surface of an object. Using texture in graphic design adds depth and visual interest. This can be applied graphically in the form of pattern or through the choice of printable surface.
The three basic shape types are Geometric (Circles, Squares, Triangles etc.), Natural (leaves, trees, people etc.) and abstract (icons, stylisations, and graphic representations). Use carefully to create a visually pleasing design and eye-catching design.
Value is how light or dark an area looks in a design. It is everything from the darkest of blacks through to the brightest of whites. Used correctly it will create depth, contrast, and emphasis.
Colour is used to generate emotions, define importance, create visual interest and unify branding. See our post on Colour Psychology for more detail.
In graphic design, size is used to convey importance, attract attention and create contrast.
A vital part of any good graphic design, Space is the area around the elements in a design. It can be used to separate or group information. Use it effectively to give the eye a rest, define importance and lead the eye to where you want it to travel.
Stronger Business Identity
A great graphic design can allow you to develop a stronger business identity. The design you choose becomes how your business is perceived by clients and customers alike. Your design needs to be clean, professional and represent your business accurately and positively.


Benefits of a professionally designed logo

Clarity of Message
A busy logo design’s message is convoluted. Consumers may associate your brand with the logo, but if the logo’s support of your brand is uncertain, you could be sabotaging your brand design efforts. Keep your logo simple, but targeted, and the message will be clear, concise, and taken as you’ve given it.
Prompt Emotional Reactions
When a logo is viewed, all the emotions that a brand elicits should come bubbling to the surface. If your logo is simplistic in design, this uniquely human marketing process will operate more efficiently. If a logo design is complicated, cognition will overpower emotion.
Is it easier to remember one sentence or one paragraph? Of course, you can commit a smaller amount of information to memory more easily than a large amount. A complicated logo design is filled with information, making it very difficult for the average consumer to commit to memory.
Convertible across All Media
As any brand design expert will attest, simple logo design is easier to publish across different media, including print, web, stamps, embroidery, signs, transfers, promotional gifts, etc.
If your logo design is simple enough to easily commit to memory, then people who have been impressed by your brand can describe your logo to others who might be interested (e.g. “It’s the restaurant on the right with the big yellow M out front”).
Difficult to Counterfeit
When a logo is comprised of only a few colors and details, competitors (who are interested in stealing your brand’s status and followers) are less likely to try to copy it. You see, if a logo is complicated, a few details can be changed and then the logo can be used by another brand. These changes can be subtle, thanks to the complexity of the design, and consumers may make decisions that favor your competitor, based on the reputation your brand has built for itself. Depending on the extent of the changes, copyright infringement may or may not apply.
A simple logo is recognized from the corner of your eye, whilst a complicated one may require some examination. The purpose of a logo is to bring a particular brand to mind immediately – the quicker and simpler the process, the better.
When a brand design professional creates a simplistic logo design, it can be easily enlarged and shrunken. A complex design will lose details when reduced, causing visibility problems in a number of applications.

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Our Process

Understanding your Business
No two businesses are the same. Each business has its own uniqueness which is differentiated by the way the brand is projected. We first understand from you, your USP, your target customer, your competitor and your geographical market.
Think Tank Team
Once the approach to your Logo design has been planned, we share with our creative team which comprises people from different backgrounds. This approach gives you a dynamic team which contributes a lot of ideas on how your Logo can be designed.
You know your Business, than Us
We know what we know and we want to know better about your business. We would love to hear from you about what you want to pitch and how you want to pitch. We would also love to know your ideas of your Logo, any reference, any specific colors, and fonts etc.
Start Sketching; Sharing
We would start designing Logo and share our concepts with you, through emails. Discussions can be from the concepts delivered or more concepts can be tried until you are satisfied. We don’t limit ourselves with the number of concepts and iterations.
Research, before we Sketch
Logo Design involves a lot of research; research about your business, your selling point, competitor and target audience. We find out what suits you well and how you need to be Branded.
Your Brand (Logo) is Born:
Once you are satisfied with your Logo, we would deliver you a Do’s & Dont’s document, along with different formats of your Logo, in different sizes. You would be able to use your Logo in different mediums like Websites, Name Boards, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Envelopes, Hoardings, TV Commercials etc.
Mobile Web Pages
Android application for your website.
iPhone application for your website.
Windows application for your website.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced design professionals

Established in 2016 you’ll benefit from years of experience. Our award-winning team is fully qualified senior design professionals.

Your end goal and brand in mind

We are committed to creating world-class marketing pieces with your end goal and brand in mind.

Color psychology

To help you outsell your competition, our designers are trained in color psychology and the dramatic effect it has on sales.

Research your industry

To ensure the best possible results for your business, we will research your industry, trends and target market before commencing a project.

A Trans-Tasman alliance

We have the benefit of two locations and two teams working together. This means we can keep you up-to-date on what’s happening over the ditch and you’re on top of all current marketing trends.

Fast, reliable and on time service

You can always depend on us for fast, reliable, on time service. When we give you a delivery date, you can count on it.

No hidden surprises

All designers are trained to work within a budget to ensure no hidden surprises.

Broad range of services

With your advertising, marketing, design, and print handled under one roof, you’ll save time and money and most importantly the integrity and consistency of your brand will be maintained.

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