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4 Reasons Why Business Branding Is Crucial

What makes up a brand?

Business branding is a foundation.

Visual identity ( Design, Logo, Colors, Typography etc)

1. Content & messaging ( Your Communication on various channels)
2. Core values ( Mission , Vision statements & Fundamental beliefs and values that guide your organization)
3. In this article, we are going discuss some of the reasons that makes it so important.

1. Business Branding Improves  Recognition

Branding recognition is the extend to which public can identify your services , products by the branding factors such as visual identity, Content & core values etc.

With strong brand recognition comes higher pricing power, lower customer acquisition costs and continual customer loyalty, ability to attract and retain top talent, and improve your ability to grow related products and services.

In many cases, even if the customer know nothing of it, customers are more likely to chose a brand that they know or heard of.

2. Branding Unites Your Business

Let’s take a look at the mission statements of few companies and You may notice alignment between their mission statements and how they present their brands to the world.

Apple’s mission:

“To bring the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services”

Pal’s mission:

“To facilitate your transactions, while caring for its destination.”

3. Builds Consumers Trust

If your business’s branding is memorable, relatable, entertaining & interesting, its more likely to build customer trust & loyalty.

let’s look at some examples of the brands that implemented this principle beautifully,

Nike: “ Can do athlete attitude”

Their message is about bringing the best in you and self empowerment attitude. They make the brand relevant and relatable from elite athletes to everyday person.

Pal: “Because Money is a means, not the end.”

Thir message is relatable with their outdoor ad campaigns, images, brand elements etc. They make the emotional connection and bridging the gaps, for bringing awareness in the American youth.

Coca Cola : “Selling happiness and optimism”

Coca-Cola pushes this message across all points of customer contact, from Facebook to its custom vending machines.

4. Stops Others From Stealing Your Ideas

A brand is like the name of a person, and it creates an identity for your business. This identity is special and is a part of what makes your business unique. So even if someone in the market steals some of the products you built, they can’t steal that one thing that makes your customers always come back for more.

So overall business branding is an asset. The more you build the value of the brand, the better the financial return out of it.

Branding creates identity for businesses and help you create a lasting impression for clients. So, it is important that the brand elements such as logo, design, content convey what you want your customers to think and feel about your business.

Is Logo Design an important part in Branding?

Of course, a well-designed logo increases the traffic value while building faith and trust in the brand. Logo shows off your personality, nature and how you are solving people’s problems through a simple design. A good logo design is important to create impression on people who already don’t know your business, and to attract them.

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