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Our server security and compliance services are designed to help businesses proactively mitigate security risks, protect sensitive data, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. In today's evolving threat landscape, where cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and regulatory scrutiny is on the rise, it's essential for businesses to implement robust security measures and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Key features of our server security and compliance services include:

  1. Vulnerability Assessments: Conduct regular vulnerability assessments to identify potential security weaknesses and prioritize remediation efforts to strengthen the security posture of your servers.

  2. Patch Management: Implement timely patch management processes to apply security updates and patches to servers and associated software, minimizing the risk of exploitation by cyber attackers.

  3. Access Control: Implement robust access control mechanisms, including user authentication, authorization, and least privilege principles, to prevent unauthorized access to server resources and sensitive data.

  4. Encryption: Utilize encryption technologies to protect data both at rest and in transit, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.

  5. Security Audits and Compliance Reporting: Conduct periodic security audits and generate compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to industry regulations and standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

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SolarWinds Patch Manager

A comprehensive patch management solution that automates the patching process for various operating systems and applications, ensuring systems are up to date and secure.

Microsoft WSUS

A server role in Windows Server that allows administrators to manage the distribution of updates released through Microsoft Update to computers in a corporate environment.


An open-source vulnerability scanner used for discovering and assessing vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks.


A cloud-based security and compliance solution that offers vulnerability management, policy compliance, and web application scanning to help organizations identify and mitigate security risks.


A widely-used vulnerability scanner that identifies vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and malware in IT environments, providing organizations with actionable insights to improve their security posture.

Identifying and evaluating potential security vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications to proactively mitigate risks and prevent security breaches.


Ensuring that software and systems are up to date with the latest security patches and updates to address known vulnerabilities and protect against cyber threats.


Implementing measures to regulate and restrict access to systems, networks, and data, ensuring that only authorized users have appropriate levels of access based on their roles and permissions.


Protecting sensitive data by converting it into a secure format through encryption, making it unreadable to unauthorized users and ensuring confidentiality and integrity during transmission and storage.


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Vulnerability Assessment Services
From vulnerability assessments to patch management and access control, we provide everything you need to protect your critical data and maintain regulatory compliance.
Access Control Mechanisms
With our expert security and compliance services, you can rest assured knowing that your critical assets are protected and your regulatory obligations are met.

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We support a wide range of compliance regulations and standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more. Our security and compliance experts work closely with clients to ensure adherence to relevant regulations based on their industry and geographic location.

We conduct comprehensive vulnerability assessments using industry-standard tools and methodologies to identify potential security weaknesses in servers and associated systems. Our experts analyze the findings and recommend remediation measures to address identified vulnerabilities effectively.

Yes, we offer ongoing monitoring and support services to help businesses maintain the security and compliance of their servers. Our team monitors security alerts, performs security updates and patches, and provides proactive guidance to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


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“Securing our servers and ensuring compliance with industry regulations are top priorities for our organization, and Capnis Infotech has been instrumental in achieving these objectives. Their expertise in implementing robust security measures, conducting regular audits, and ensuring compliance with relevant standards has helped us maintain a secure and compliant server environment. With Capnis Infotech, we've seen improved protection against cyber threats, reduced risks of data breaches, and enhanced trust from our clients and stakeholders. Their proactive approach to security and compliance management gives us confidence that our server infrastructure meets the highest standards of security and regulatory requirements. Highly recommend their services to any organization looking to strengthen their server security posture and achieve compliance with industry standards.”

- John Doe, Chief Information Security Officer